Boat Lifts | Tampa

Boat lifts can transform the way you view your Tampa waterfront property. In fact they can allow you to appreciate your watercraft in a way you were unable to before installation!

There is an age old saying that speaks of the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life: the day he buys it, and the day he sells it. However, this anecdote was obviously created by someone unfamiliar with boat lifts. That’s because this addition reduces or eliminates much of the referenced stress of sea vessel ownership, allowing you to enjoy more of the benefits, more often.

Are Boat Lifts Worth It?

This addition can afford you additional piece of mind and ease of use by providing:

  • Immediate gratification. Want to take your ride out for a spin on the water? Just load up, step out back, and go.
  • Less Hassle. Traditionally when you wanted to go on a fishing trip, take the jet skis out for fun, or just get out and enjoy the great Tampa weather, there was a lot of work involved. You needed to pack everything, hitch up the trailer, and take your vessel to a public launch. The other option is to pay fees in order to store your craft at a private marina. Neither of these options provides the ease and availability of storing your craft right at your dock, where it’s ready to drop in and go out on a whim.
  • Less maintenance. With your vessel up and out of the water, you eliminate the problems of algae or barnacle growth and damage associated with hulls that sit in the water constantly. You can also remove the worry of tide fluctuations and waves causing damage to the hull as it collides with the dock or pilings. And with the option of an added boat house to completely shelter your vessel, you can protect the top of the vehicle from the Tampa sun, wind, and rain while it’s not in use!

Styles to Fit Your Needs:

There is no single style of boat lifts that will suit the needs of every individual. What style best suits you?
PWC (Personal Watercraft)
These small yet powerful models work in the 1000-1500lb capacity range and are ideal for Jon boats, jet skis, or canoes.
This option of boat lifts is ideal for larger crafts and comes in multiple styles including:
Elevator –Ideal for narrow waterways and a small profile.
Vertical – A four post design in which lifts straight up out of the water.
Specialty – This includes crane and No Profile lifts among others.

Why Waterline of Tampa?

For over almost 40 years, Waterline has been building and installing state of the art boat lifts, docks, and decks for our clients in the Tampa Bay area. We are also one of the few design/build and permit construction companies in the state of Florida. Whatever backyard addition you’ve been considering, we can build a beautiful structure that exactly suits your needs and specifications.

In addition to our many residential customers, we are also proud to serve all of our commercial clients in the area on projects such as boardwalks and waterfront dining! Some of our loyal customers include:

  • Bay Point Condominiums
  • Forest Lakes
  • Davis Island Yacht Club
  • Roger’s Beach
  • And more!

Why are we the most trusted in the industry? When we start a project for a client, they can rest assured they will receive the highest quality service, construction, and reliability from our additions. All of our technicians are expertly trained, fully certified, and equipped with the heavy machinery needed to do the job right. But even the best craftsmanship requires quality materials to last, which is why we use only the strongest and most durable materials in our construction:

  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Trex – Composite decking made from recycled plastics
  • Ipe Hardwood frames
  • Pressure treated pine to resist rot, mold, and insects

Contact Waterline of Tampa today for a free estimate today at (813) 806-1977