At Waterline, we provide St. Petersburg with superior quality seawall construction. Whether for commercial or residential properties, we can assure a safe and beautiful structure for your clients or your family. Owning land along the water allows you to truly connect with the outdoors and take in the breathtaking scenery. However, Mother Nature is unpredictable, and storm waves can erode the shore over time, shrinking your property.

This is why proper fortification is so important: To act as a protective barrier that will simultaneously hold back the crashing waves and keep your foundation sound.

Benefits of Seawalls:

Living seaside is a luxury and retaining walls allow you to enjoy the waves without their damaging, erosive effects. Because while they are often beautiful forces of nature, they can also be destructive. Quality seawall construction protects your property from this damage. Erosion and flooding can eat away at your property line and in severe cases, even weaken the foundation. Retaining walls repel waves and hold back the ground, preventing it from washing away during storms.

Types of Seawalls:

There are a variety of affordable options for seawall construction in St. Petersburg. Based on high and low tide levels, wave energy, and length we can decide on the best material and design for your particular area. We often create structures that are comprised of:

  • Wood
  • Rip Rap
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete

Utilizing these materials, each style of construction has benefits that suite different needs:
Wood Seawalls are a low cost option built from solid pressure treated log piles. This option, while the most affordable up-front, does require minor maintenance and has a height limit.

  • Rip Rap utilizes spaced materials to dissipate wave force while still allowing water to pass through the units. These are extremely durable and cost effective.
  • Vinyl is comprised of UV resistant, vinyl pilings which offer an especially long life time and require only simple maintenance.
  • Concrete is the strongest and most durable material we use. Also known as revetments or “mound”, concrete allows for many different styles and face shapes. The curved option available repels waves back onto themselves, reducing the energy necessary to rebuff them. This style commonly contains internal steelwork for increased strength and durability. The reliability that we provide gives you the ability to build freely and truly puts the power in your hands.
  • Expert Services

At Waterline, we have been handling seawall construction in St. Petersburg for over 38 years. Our extensive experience in the industry guarantees that all of our clients can benefit from our educated, experienced, and certified staff. We are one of the few design, permit, and build contractors in the state, and the precision of our work is guaranteed. We will either create a custom design for you, or you may work with another engineer of your choice. Our end goal is to supply you with an affordable and dependable outcome no matter what design plans you choose. We will provide you with the advice and dependability you need.
Coastal defense by seawall construction is a guaranteed way to keep your St. Petersburg property safe and beautiful, whether it is commercial or residential. No matter the size of the project you can depend on us for precise and timely completion.

Quality Construction

We use only the highest quality material to provide our St. Petersburg clients with dependable seawall construction. During consultation, we decide which material would best suit your property and your needs. It’s important to consider both wave and wind strength in your area to determine which material is appropriate.

Whether you choose wood, vinyl, or concrete, we will create a customized structure to help keep your property safe and attractive. With countless years of experience with these materials, we even supply tips for maintenance and cleaning. In case of emergencies, you can rest soundly knowing that we offer both repair and replacement services.

Your business or residence can also trust that our craftsmanship is inspected and compliant with structural codes.

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